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Hello, I am Navneet.

Thanks for stopping by in my portfolio. I graduated from Langara college, Vancouver(Web and mobile app design) in 2017.

I am a web designer. I am lucky because I really love what I do.I am specialized in designing websites, using latest trends and creating simple products.

I build websites front end using html / css /jQuery and Bootstrap. I love to create logos, icons, wireframes and posters. Its not a job but a passion that you grow with everyday. I’ve been self taught designer. I start the design with a pencil and paper, thinking about the problem and the solution. I’ll then sit down at my computer and start with wire frames and low level mockups. Then add the imagery, typography design and details.

If you like my work just contact me, I’ll be glad to get back to you asap.

Responsive Layouts

Clean code of HTML CSS

Javascript / Jquery

You know what is perfection? I am.

Expert with Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

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